One Bite At A Time…..

You know the saying.  In business, in life, any time you have a big project that seems overwhelming, someone always chimes in “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”  Break it down into smaller steps.  Don’t overthink.  Don’t get ahead of yourself and worry about how to do it all at once.  I really subscribe to this thinking, although I am a little more crass <warning explicit language ahead>  I prefer to say “Stop mindfucking yourself.”

I’m approaching this journey with that same mindset, and “One bite at a time” keeps going through my head.  Metaphorically, it’s obvious.  I have to get my nutrition on point and use food as fuel, not as entertainment.  Also, the elephant visual isn’t lost on the little Lauren voice in the back of my head.  Especially when I get out of the shower.   And catch glimpses all around.  And wonder what it will feel like to be on stage.  Half naked.  In front of people I don’t know.  Spray tanned.  With real boobs.  And short hair (NOBODY HAS SHORT HAIR IN THESE COMPETITIONS!) Ahhhhhhhh!  One bite at a time.

I was very worried about my trip to the East Coast for Thanksgiving.  We had over 30 people for dinner, and true to my roots, we had enough food for at least 75.  I tried to be smart, and add things like mashed cauliflower and roasted veggies to the normal carb centric menu.  We eliminated appetizers (seriously, why do we make appetizers before a 9 course meal anyway??), I drank a ton of water, and actually walked away from the table feeling damn proud (and not the least bit stuffed).  I wasn’t the poster child for clean eating the whole weekend, but since the Saturday after Thanksgiving I’ve been really good.  

So I’m eating this elephant one bite at a time.  Instead of focusing on the next 6 months, right now I’m just looking to get through December. I’m entering my food in MyFitnessPal, staying within calorie range and getting closer on managing my macros (carbs/fats/proteins).  I’ve cut out alcohol except for one day per week, and have lost 3 pounds!  

I was feeling so good yesterday that I bought a new SLEEVELESS dress ($50 at Macy’s SCORE!) for the Step 2 Reno Jingle and Mingle fundraiser last night.  If you know me, you know my arms have been my nemesis ever since I saw  a picture of myself in a tank top in all my pregnant glory 25 years ago.  So to go sleeveless on the spur of the moment with no summer bronze color on my body was a big step for me.   The evening was complete with good friends, some great champagne, an adorable little puppy, and a drive through In-N-Out Burger on the way home.   And I enjoyed the shit out of that burger ONE BITE AT A TIME! 

My new God-puppy Gracie, being cradled in said arm.

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